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10 Things to do on Creative Servers

Creative Mode servers give the player an opportunity to explore Minecraft, experiment with crafting and not worry about dying.

  1. Build a secret Base - But not just any base, a Skybase of course!
  1. Somewhere to eat - Not sure how the burgers will taste without the pickle but it's worth a shot.
  1. Act like a kid - Build a massive treehouse to show off to your friends
  1. Watch TV with friends
  1. Take a Holiday - Fly first class in your very own airport!
  1. Take a Holiday - visit a roller coaster for some blocky fun.
  1. Brighten up your life. Get some cool lights in your home and roads.
  1. Play with levers. Build a preassure plate door in case your hands are full!
  1. Create your own city. Your imagination really is your own limit
  1. Go fishing. Why not build a boat instead of a house to live in?

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