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10 Things you should do first in Survival

You have joined a Survival Server in Minecraft and are not exactly sure what you are in for? Here is a quick 10 Step quide to surviving your first night!

  1. Gather wood. Punch trees to break them down into wood.
  2. Create a Crafting table. 1x Wood Block = 4 Planks in a square = 1 Crafting Table
  3. Scout out a location for a shelter. Make a quick shelter out of dirt by punching the dirt.
  4. Make a door for your shelter. 6x Wood Planks in two columns = 1 wood door
  5. Create extra tools.

Before you can make tools, you need planks, sticks, and whatever else is needed in the crafting grid. Also, when it comes to crafting in Minecraft, placement is important. You can have all the right supplies laid out in the crafting grid and nothing will happen if you don't know how to make the tools you need.

  • 1 Wood = 4 Planks
  • 2 Planks (stacked on top of each other) = 4 sticks
  • 2 Sticks stacked in the middle + 3 wooden planks along the top row = Wooden Pickaxe
    • Needed for collecting stone, you can eventually break stone by punching it, but you need a pickaxe in order to actually collect any cobblestone from it.
  • 2 Sticks stacked + 1 wood plank on top = Wooden Shovel
    • Not necessary, but makes breaking dirt, gravel, and sand easier
  • 1 Stick in the bottom + two Planks stacked on top = Wooden Sword
    • Protection from mobs and used to kill animals for meat
  • 8 planks in all spaces except the middle = chest
    • Not necessary at first, but the as you collect more valuable items you will eventually need extra storage.
  1. Let there be light. As mobs cannot spawn where there is light place lights in your shelter.
  • Furnace = 8 Cobblestones in all of the crafting spots except the middle
  • Create Sticks from Wooden Planks - 2 Planks (stacked on top of each other) = 4 sticks
  • To create your own charcoal, use any type of wood (raw wood, planks, sticks, etc) and put at least one piece in the bottom for fuel and in the top spot. You will be using wood to turn wood into charcoal. Wood has short burn time so you will only be able to create one piece of charcoal per piece of wood.
  • Once you have your charcoal or coal stack a piece of either on top of a stick = 4 torches
  1. Eat. Keep an eye on your food bar and in your travels scavenge apples and meat. Breaking down trees can sometimes drop apples and killing a cow, pig or chicken will give you meat.
  2. Hide in your shelter at night. Night exposes you to harmful mobs that can kill you!
  3. Sleep time. 10 Minutes real time are a Minecraft day so get to making a bed
  • Row of 3 Wool + above a row of 3 Planks = Bed
  1. Sleep and repeat. Your bed becomes your new spawn point so explore the world and just be aware of things that can kill you!

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