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10 Ways to win at Skywars!

Below we will touch on techniques or stratergies that will advance your gameplay in Skywars.

As different servers have different kits and perks we will not cover these.

  1. Collect your Loot. Open your starting chests as fast as you can to be able to defend yourself in case of a player rushing you.
  2. Bridge like a pro. It is critical to become fast at bridging and getting an advantage on your enemies.
  3. Learn how to use water. Placing water just before you land from a fall can stop injury through fall damage.
  4. Rush a player. If you find a sword then gather some blocks to quickly bridge over to other players islands. Rushing players before they are ready and able o defend themselves
  5. Check Player stats. Go after players with less HP and less armour than you. (Learn how to PvP!).
  6. Rushing Centre. All the good loot is in the centre and you will be competing with guys that know how to bridge quickly to get there.
  7. Throw Things. Projectiles are the easiest way to kill another player and knocking them off into the void is the quickest way to take their health. You can also take damage but this is slower.
  8. Teamwork. Overpowering a boss is done in the same way. Just gang up on the stronger player.
  9. Knowing how to run. Evade your enemy by sprinting which will also give you up to 4 blocks that you can jump over.
  10. Protect yourself. Use blocks to create a shield from objects being thrown at you.

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