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8 Things to do in a Minecraft Prison Server

Having your first experience on a Prison Server will probably be on what they call an OP Prison. These servers offer a much wider gameplay than the traditional classic prison. Whichever one you join the principal is basically the same - Rank up by mining which will eventually pay off by setting you free!

  1. Get Money! This is done with tasks like-
    • Mining
    • Voting
    • Trading
    • Achievements in Minigames
  2. Check the rules. Doing the wrong thing can kill you, or even worse ban you for life. A quick check on what you cannot do is useful as it might be the end of your game on the server.
  3. Rent a Cell. Used to store items but be carful as they need to be paid for. If you do not pay your rent then all your items will be offered to whoever is lucky enough to check the cell.
  4. Create a Shop or Stall to work in.
  5. Check which /warp locations are available to make it easier to travel between mine locations.
  6. Talk with NPCs. They might lead you to quests that can earn you money or get you a special item.
  7. Participate in PvP events. Nothing like a good prison fight.
  8. Work, work work.......

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