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Tips to be a Better Bedwars Player!

Bedwars can be a challenging game even for the pros. So what tips can we pass onto you to get a good night sleep?

As it has a much longer game time then stratergies need to change from the straight PvP of Skywars games.

7 Tips for Minecraft Bedwars

Bedwars Servers will be different in the resources and layouts, so these general ideas should help you out accross all servers.
    If you are playing in teams then listen to your team mates and know when to void. Voiding simply means jumping into the void to intentionally kill yourself so you can be back at your bed. Getting back to re-spawn at your bed in time may mean saving it's destruction.
    Get good at a bridging style that you can perform quickly. Don't do the impossible and start with straight sneaking and move onto more complex techniques after that.
    When bridging as you travel across (and you have gained some experience) use one of the techniques that build your bridge higher. This will prevent the other players connecting or using your bridge to attack you quickly later.
    Rushing another players base can still be effective if they are not ready with defences. Rushing involves learning how to bridge quickly and destroy another players bed.
    Make sure you are regularly picking up diamonds. Start with getting Mining Fatigue then protection. 4+ diamonds then get sharpness.
    Learn the W-Tap technique to knock-back opponents.
    Don't forget basic Bedwars defense which is to cover your bed with blocks (sandwich defense). Ensure there are two layers of blocks to slow down your bed getting destroyed. Or go the butterfly technique (wool, glass, and stone)

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