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The Adventure gameplay type is similar to Survival, with the key difference being the focus on exploring the surroundings, often with a custom map showing off detailed builds and story elements. This tag goes well with Role-Play.

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Adventure Servers FAQ

What's the difference - Survival/Adventure?

The main difference between Adventure and Survival is how players can place or destroy blocks.

Adventure mode stops players from breaking any blocks with their fists or tools. The world is programmed with what can be destroyed and what must stay.

Where as Survival lets players destroy and use any block types.

Why would you have an Adventure Server?

To create an immersive story line with quests that guide a player through the map. Typically Adventure maps have a  Role-Play aspect added.

Adventure Servers are not really designed for players to build and create or gain experience crafting.

September 4, 2022
How to set your Minecraft Game Modes!

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