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Bedwars is a gamemode similar to Skywars, with the key difference being that each player's island has a bed, allowing the player to respawn if they die. A players goal is to defend their bed from other opponents, or try and destroy other opponents beds. If a player's bed is broken, they will no longer be able to respawn and will be eliminated upon death. The last man standing wins.

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 Bedwars Servers FAQ

How do you join a Bedwars Server?

Connectiing to a Bedwars server is done in the same method as any other Minecraft Server.

  • Browse for a Minecraft Server
  • Copy the IP Address
  • Start your Minecraft Game
  • Paste in the Address

What does Bridging in Bedwars Mean?

To literally make a bridge between two Islands.. This gives you access to the main Island to loot and attack other players.

Definatley one of the techniques in Bedwars that you need to learn how to become an expert in.

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