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The Creative gameplay type is all about building. Players can claim plots of land to show off their building skills, or work together towards huge projects. Whilst the creative gameplay type has been around for many years, it still remains relatively small in size

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Creative Servers FAQ

Can you die on a Creative Mode Server?

You can die in Creative mode on both Java and Bedrock servers. One of the following two methods will get you there:

  • Using the /kill mode for yourself or
  • Using the /kill {playername} for other players
  • Jumping into the void (will kill you in any mode)

Want do Creative Servers Offer?

As the name suggests creative allows you to go wild on building without survival limits. All resources are available in your item selection tabs and blocks can get instantly destroyed. 

You also have:

  • Ability to fly (double tap jump)
  • No hunger or health bars
  • A search bar
  • Items that are single use do not get consumed
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