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Economy servers feature an in-game currency players can earn, usually by trading or selling blocks and items. Players can then spend this money to buy valuable goods, or grow their wealth and become the richest player on the server. Most servers have a leaderboard displaying the richest individuals, so competition is encouraged! The most popular economy servers are listed below!

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Economy Servers FAQ

Is there an Economy in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a bartering system that is used in all versions. This offers emeralds to trade with NPC's as a form of currency.

Players also offer a limited or simple form of economy via trading with one another.

Beyond this there are various plugins that extend the basic Minecraft which are usually categorised by the "Economy" gameplay tag.

Does Minecraft have Money in game?

Not out of the Box as you will need to add a resource pack/plugin.

Emeralds are usually converted to Money as it is the common form of currency within the game.