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Factions adds to the PvP aspect of the game. Players band together to form groups (factions) and claim areas of land to build their wealth. It involves fighting other factions, expanding territory and battling over resources. In addition to this, factions can build alliances, wage war against enemies, and sue for peace if needed.

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Faction Servers FAQ

What to do first on a Faction Server?

With Faction Servers you will receive a starting kit that may give you weapons, armor and tools. Use the /kit command and see what you get.

When you join a Factions server you will not be be connected to any Faction. So you will either join a Faction or create one yourself.

How do you join a Faction in Minecraft?

Joining a Faction is a two way process. As a Player wanting to join a faction you would choose the faction and use

As a member of an existing faction you would then invite the player in with
/f invite PLAYERNAME