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Hardcore is identical to the Survival tag, with the only difference being that if a player dies once, that's it, there's no second chance. This ensures players are much more careful and weary to interact with other people.

 Hardcore Servers FAQ

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Hardcore Servers FAQ

Are Hardcore and Hard the same thing?

Hardcore is a Gamemode like Survival. Hard is a dificulity level ranging from Peacful , Easy, Normal to Hard.

Other Game modes allow you to move between the levels of difficulity any time you like. But if the Game mode is set to Hardcore the difficulity is set to only hard, with no opitions to change.

What is Ultra Hardcore in Minecraft?

Uttra Hardcore is Hardcore mode with no ability to regenerate. 

The natural regeneration has been turned off. It's important to source items like Golden Apples that can help you regain your health. Most players play normal hardcore before tackling Ultra Hardcore.

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