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Servers where players can gain the upper-hand immediately, by spawning in with custom gear straight away. These can include armor, food, tools, and weapons. The Kits tag is often used in combination with the PvP tag in order to enhance the fighting aspect of Minecraft, making the game much more fast-paced.

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Kits Servers FAQ

How do you get kits in Minecraft?

Kits are handed out for various reasons to give players a quick boost. Servers that have kits available will often use the gameplay tag to let players know they are available.

Items of any type can be placed into kits and may be given out when:

  • You join a server. Sometimes resources can be low near spawn and making it into your first night might prove difficult.
  • Starting a PvP battle. To make it even each player might start out with the same items
  • Special rewards kits. To honour donations of player acheivements

How often do I receive a Kit?

This will depend on the server operators as it could things such as:

  • A Starter kit where you only receive it once
  • Timed for an event and removed when the event is over
  • Given as a reward and must be earned in order to receive

Just be sure to check with the admins/moderators and find out just what to expect if you are unsure.

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