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Minigames servers tend to lean towards larger, more established servers, with a wide variety of gamemodes for players to choose from, with each server being unique in the style and delivery of these custom gamemodes.

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Minigames Servers FAQ

What are some Popular Minigames?

There are literally hundreds of mini games available but these tend to be the most popular.

As you can see they happen to be some of the main catergories you would find on our servers list.

Are Minigames Available for Bedrock?

Yes most Minigames have been designed and run on Bedrock Edition as well as Java.

To see just a few available Bedrock Servers try our Advanced Search:

  • Goto our Advanced Search Page
  • Select the Bedrock Filter
  • Select one (or more) of the Gameplay styles tags
  • Servers that remain will be filtered based on what you have selected