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Any server that makes use of Forge or Fabric mods is a modded gameplay type. These servers can alter existing features, add custom blocks, entities or even entirely new dimensions.  This then requiress you as a player to install the same mod in order to join with the server. With modded servers, the possibilities of what the player can do are endless, ensuring that the player will never get bored.

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Modded Servers FAQ

How do I join a Modded Server?

You will need to install the mods required to join the server.

On our listing site you will notice that modded servers' gamemodes have a yellow outline. This should prompt you to open their details. Look for a "Download Modpack" button (like below) just under the red "Copy IP" button.

Download Modpack

Is a Plugin and a Mod the same thing?

No, as Plugins and Mods are run on different sides of the connection. The connection being your computer at home is one side and the Minecraft Server the other.

A Modded server needs to have a modded client in order to make this connection work.

Whereas plugins only run on the Minecraft Server. So clients do not need to make any changes making it simpler to join.

Can a Minecraft Client have a Mod?

Yes, modifications can be made to the client that do not need to be installed on the server. There are currently over 37,000 modifications listed in CurseForge. The top mod, Just Enough Items, has been downloaded over 189,775,224 times since it's creation.

Mods are installed using common open source applications like:
- Fabric
- Forge

What are common performance Mods?

Enhancements mods improve general gameplay with some running on the serve as well as the client. Mods such as:

-OptiFine (Optimization mod)
-Sodium (Improves frame rates)
- Lithium (Optimization mod- client and server)
- Phosphor (Lighting optimization)