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Pixelmon servers are servers running the multiplayer version of the extremely popular Pixelmon mod. Pixelmon is based on the TV series "Pokémon". The mod incorporates many things from the show, including over 1000 Pokémon, each with their own unique attributes, armor, damage and training requirements.

Best Pixelmon Servers

Pixelmon Servers FAQ

What do you need to play Pixelmon?

Currently the Java Edition of Minecraft will let you play on a Pixelmon Server. Bedrock Edition will not let you join. 

Server Owners who want to consider adding Pixilmon and check out the following two locations for downloads:

Players just need to check the details of the server so they can get mods they need.

How do you join a Pixelmon Server?

Connectiing to a Pixelmon server is done in the same method as any other Minecraft Server.  But, prior to joining you will need to install any mod specific to the Pixelmon Server your trying to connect to.

Check about how to install or modify your Minecraft game by looing in the description for links and instructions or jump onto their websites to find out more.