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Prison servers are a very popular Minecraft Gamemode, where players spawn in a prison-themed map with little or no money. Players can earn money by mining or collecting resources, advancing to the next Prison "cell" and upgrading their rank. Their goal is to advance through each cell, gaining access to more valuable materials as they play. Players can also challenge each other to PvP battles in order to rank-up, becoming stronger as they go.

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Prison Servers FAQ

What is a Classic Prison Server?

The basic concept is to escape from the prison. Mining is the main objective so that you can rank up and move to better mines.

Wood and stone are the primary materials mined and needed for crafting. The Farms and Mines allow you to keep gathering by constantly resetting.

Daily or weekly quests are easy to follow and can get you on your way very quickly.

Shops on some servers can be setup in Prison Cells which will allow you to trade or purchase items you need.

PvP is also another popular event where items can be gained.

What does OP Prison mean?

A Prison Server which is Over Powered by enhancements and  custom modifications.

Starting out back in 2009 Prison servers were basic in their designs and functionality. Mods were limited and players were still getting a hang of how Minecraft could work.

Fast Forward to 2022 and we have:

  • Enhanced tools like a 1000 sharpness Pickax
  • Better armor to help with PvP battles
  • Awesome Auto Miners 
  • Battle Crates
  • Multipliers and enchantments
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Are there any Classic Prison Servers left?

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