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Skywars is a gamemode where players are spawned on a floating island, surrounded by other opponents on their own island, usually with a larger, unoccupied island in the center of the map, containing various loot for players to fight with. Players fight one another until there is only 1 player left, at which point the game ends, and they are the winner.

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Skywars Servers FAQ

What is one of the most momentous Skywars Servers?

Hypixel lauched and intergrated Herobrines Mansion with their own Adventure and Skywars Servers.

Herobrines Mansion with it's advanced command blocks and the Hypixel Network intergration was followed with huge success. Making Hypixel one of the mose influential servers of all time.

How do you join a Skywars Server?

Connectiing to a Skywars server is done in the same method as any other Minecraft Server.

  • Browse for a Minecraft Server
  • Copy the IP Address
  • Start your Minecraft Game
  • Paste in the Address
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