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Survival is one of the oldest and most popular Gamemodes in Minecraft. Players must gather resources, battle mobs, and explore the world in order to survive. Some survival servers also have PvP enabled, so be wary of other players as they could attack you or raid your base. Most survival servers often utilize plugins to help spice up the gameplay, some of the more popular ones include Towny (where players can create villages and nations) and McMMO (an RPG-like skills plugin).

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Survival Servers FAQ

What does SMP mean?

SMP stands for "survival multiplayer" and usually refers to the vanilla version of the game. There are many popular SMP servers out there, with ones such as the *Dream SMP being very large on YouTube. Other great SMP servers are:

  • Lifesteal SMP
  • SurviveWithUs
  • Tulip Survival
  • MelonSMP

*Just what is the Dream SMP IP address? It has been hidden to Minecraft players and it is what they call a whitelisted server. In order to join you need to be invited onto the server.

What is the best survival server?

There are many good survival servers out there. If you want a true vanilla survival experience, UneasyVanilla is the perfect server for you.

If you prefer to have land-claims and no griefers though, Vanilla Europa offers a unique survival experience. It comes with cross-play access, meaning both Java and Bedrock users get to enjoy this peaceful adventure.

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