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Any whitelisted server has restricted access to the public, with players having to ask to join the server. Only players who have been added to the whitelist can connect. Servers with the whitelist gameplay tag also often have the SMP tag alongside it.

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Whitelisted Servers FAQ

How do I join a Whitelisted Server?

You need to contact someone and ask if you can join as access is denied to everyone by default.

Look for their signup or contact details which will step you through an application process.

Here at the Crafty Miners you will find an "Apply here to join" button in against each of the server details (just under their IP address).

Apply here to join

Is there a Blacklist in Minecraft?

It's not called a blacklist but a banlist and controls which players are no longer allowed to connect to a server.

By using /ban [Playername] [Reason] players can be restricted from joining

Using the command /banlist [Playername] you can show who is  restricted on the Server.

How do you Whitelist in Minecraft?

Two commands are used to add players to a whitelist as there is a Java Edition command as well as a Bedrock.

Bedrock - /allowlist [name: playername]

Java - /whitelist [playername]

Why would someone Whitelist a Server?

To restrict everyone from accessing a public server. This allows a controlled joining and having a vetting process where an application has to be completed.

Server Owners may want to restrict based on:
- Age
- Region (Location)
- Number or players
- Prestige (YouTubers only)