Getting Players on Your Minecraft Server in 2022: The Definitive Guide

If you are struggling to get players to join your Minecraft Server, then this is the ultimate guide for you.

This is NOT your average "Get Players Fast" guide, we'll be sharing all the tips and tricks to help you maximize server growth!

Yes, you'll see some important factors you should be using.

But you'll also see some new strategies, brand new for 2022, that have been proven to work well.

Advertise Minecraft Server


Step 1: The Setup

Before you even begin to advertise your server, you need to ensure the basics are in order.

A player's first impression of the server is the most important, if they have a terrible experience, it's easy enough to just move on.

You need to ensure that:

• Permissions are set up correctly
• Your server uses a domain instead of an IP
• Votifier is installed and set up
• You have a welcoming spawn for new players
• There aren't too many annoying rules to follow

Let's break it down.

Picking the Right Server Host

Picking the right server host is the first step you should take when creating your server.

We highly recommend NOT choosing any of the big Minecraft Server Hosts out there, as they often have overinflated prices, and underperforming specs.

This means more lag for your players (very bad), and a hole in your wallet.

The only mainstream server host we would suggest possibly using is PebbleHost, as they offer very cheap prices, and great scalability for when your server gets more players.

Otherwise we would strongly recommend you go with HumbleServers, as they support a lag-free experience, excellent hardware, and extremely cheap prices.

Permissions Setup Correctly

This is perhaps the most important step. Permissions are essential to ensure players do not abuse server commands. I highly recommend a plugin such as LuckPerms to help manage your permissions correctly.

They have a very simple interface, and a guide can be found here on how to use it.

A Votifier Plugin Is Used

Votifier is an essential plugin that rewards players for voting on Minecraft Server List websites.

By encouraging players to vote for you, you are able to increase your rank, as most of these websites rank servers based on how many votes they get.

More Votes = More Impressions

More impressions means more new players finding your server.

Don't go overboard though and spam "Vote for us!!!" in chat. This is very annoying, and will cause most of the new players you get to leave immediately.

Use a Domain over an IP

A domain makes your server look professional and clean, as well as being far easier to remember than an IP.

If you don't want to fork out more money on your server, using a sub-domain may be a better option. Shockbyte has an excellent sub-domain generator, which is easy to use and takes less than 2 minutes.

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