How to Join a Minecraft Server

If you are wanting to find out how to connection to a Minecraft Server from our site then follow these general steps.


1. Find a Minecraft Server List

There are many Minecraft Servers available. To make it easy there are many Minecraft Server Listing sites that display servers. Jump onto Google and type "Minecraft Server List".

2. Search for a Minecraft Server 

Most Minecraft Server Lists have a search option where you can type in a name or look for a gamemode type (Like Survival, Vanilla or Whitelist). Enter some details of a server type you are after to start the search.

3. Select the Server 

Check the details and read what is has to offer. Most Minecraft Server owners have discord channels and websites to support  their community.  

4. Copy the IP Address 

After you are happy with your choice of server then select the "Copy IP" button so that you can enter these details into your Minecraft Game shortly.

5. Start Your Minecraft Game

Now you have a Server to play you can launch Minecraft, select Multiplayer and choose Direct Connect

6. Paste in your Address

In the Server Address you can now "paste" what you previously copied into the Server Address field and select Join Server to start playing.