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How to set your Game Mode in Minecraft!

When you install Minecraft as a Server Owner you have a choice of which mode the server can be placed in. By default all servers start out in Survival Mode.This is not about how you wish to play it's about default settings the server gets placed into. There are 5 Modes that can be configured:

What are Minecraft Game Mode Types?

Where you Survive from both the elements and other players, keep an eye on your HUD (Heads Up Display). Keep an eye on your Health and Hunger bar as you will need to fight (PvP and PvE), forage for materials and food to survive and stay healthy.
You will need to gather and keep items safe as they are in limited supply.
More of a story telling mode with settings altering what blocks you can and cannot break in the world. Great for creating an Adventure map full of quests that gude you through an emersive story.
Being given the freedom to use whatever block you want as there is no need to forage or mine items. Everying is in your inventory and can be used to build endlessly. You cannot die and have the ability to fly around to view or build structures from any angle.
This is similar to survival as you have to gather items that are limited, keep yourself safe. But the difficulty changes to "Hard" and you get just one life. If you die in Hardcore the only way to join is a spectator.
Think of this mode like you were a ghost as you cannot interact and can fly anywhere (even through blocks). You become a floating head that can look through other players eyes by left-clicking on them.

How to change your Game Mode

Most of the game modes can move between the types in-game against a particular player or from the server settings. You have two options:
Option 1 You have a hosted server on places like Shockbyte, Pebblehost or Apex Hosting etc.

Locations will vary based on the Hosting Server Panel you have but this should give you an idea.

To change the gamemode of your Minecraft server you will need to first login to your server's control panel. Once you are logged in, locate the "Server Settings" section and click on the "Gamemode" option. From here, you will be able to select the various game mode types from the dropdown menu. Once you have made your selection, click on the "Save" button to apply the changes.
Option 2 You have Minecraft running on your own computer

Using the /gamemode [gamemode_type] command when connected to your running Minecraft Server. Swap out the [gamemode_type] between the available: "survival", "creative", "adventure" and "spectator".

Example: /gamemode adventure

The /gamemode can be extended to just an individual player with:

/gamemode [gamemode_type] [player_name]
Going Hardcore on your server is only available for the Java edition of Minecraft. Setting this mode makes the option of respawn not available after being killed. To change your mode to Hardcore:

In your Minecraft server's file, locate the line:


and change it to the following:


That's it! Your server is now running on hardcore mode!

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