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All About W-Tap in Minecraft

We are going to cover just how to W-Tap in Minecraft so you can gain any advantage of sprinting and it's knockback effects. This is super useful in playing games like Skywars or Bedwars where an edge of an Island is always really close.

But first you will need to understand a few things.......

What is a Knockback?

When attacking a mob or another player you may have noticed, as you hit them, they get pushed backwards. This is called a Knockback. Some attacks seem to push back more and some not at all. There is some RNG that happens so the length can change a little between attacks.

What is a W-Tap?

W-Tapping is the ability to attack whilst maintaining a sprint. It involves sprinting toward your foe, attacking them and then getting into a sprint again for the next attack. In doing this you can get close to giving the maximum amount of Knockback

The attack itself will knock you back to a walking pace. Because of this you will need to reset your sprint by releasing (W). From there you just have to start sprinting again.

Steps to W-Tap

Step 1 Start your Sprint

Sprinting in Minecraft can be acheived by using your (W) key.

Pressing it once makes you walk, but double tapping the (W) and holding it down makes you sprint.

Other keys you may use are the (left-ctrl)+(W) and some people assign their own keys which you can do from the games settings.

Step 2 Attack your Foe

At this stage you are about to Right Mouse Button (RMB) this guy, give him what for.  So when you are running toward them you attack, let (W) go, then just tap (W) again before the next attack. This gets you running again for maximum knockback effects (well nearly).

How to increase Knockback Effects

There are some subtle litte things that can improve your damage or increase the Knockback effects:

Attack from a Jump

Hitting another player or mob as you jump can make a critical hit and cause more damage.


By strafing you increase your total momentum. The forward motion plus the sideways motion adds together for a slightly faster speed.

How to prevent a Knockback

Just like being able to deliver a Knockback, you can also reduce it's effects with a bit of timing, technique and skill.

Jump Reset

When you receive a hit from your foe, try to jump which will reset the Knockback effect.


As with increasing the Knockback effect, you can also strafe and reduce a Knockback you might receive.

Trading Hits

If you receive a hit and can deliver a hit at the same time you can reduce your knockback to virtually nothing.

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