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It's hard to find what might be the Oldest Minecraft Server in Australia as they tend to be ranked by popularity. So far MCAU looks like the winner starting way back in August 3 2010

Minecraft Servers in Australia make up approximatly 1.2% of all servers accross the world. The Australian population constitutes only .33% of the world population.

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NetherGames Network

Players - 698
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Welcome to the NetherGames Network!

We're a friendly community-based Minecraft Bedrock Edition server network (and also one of the largest), offering games like Bedwars, Creative Plots, Duels, Factions, Murder Mystery, Skyblock and SkyWars.

Join now and find out why over 20,000 players join NetherGames every day - (port 19132)

Vote everyday for a chance to win a free rank upgrade! Conditions apply.

Read network regulations at to make sure you know our expectations of player behaviour across the network.

Quick Links

Discord Server -
Forums -
Store -
Helpdesk -
Support -
Vote -


What are the perks of voting?
Voters get rewards for 24-hours - an hour's worth of credits (5), 100 XP, access to Mega Creative on our Creative server (2 plots) as well as a x1.25 personal XP booster in all applicable games. Learn how to vote at or click the "Vote" button at the top of this page to get started!

I'm trying to vote and it's telling me that I've already voted today. What do I do?
Because we don't control the voting site (this server list website), we're not able to resolve any issues occurring on your end. However, we can help you claim your voter rewards if you are experiencing problems. Get in touch with our support team and let them know about your voting issues -

How can I create a party to play with my friends?
To create and join parties, use the Social Menu while in the lobby or the /party command.
The requirement to vote for using party features has been abolished since June 8th.

What is the tiers system?
Tiers is a part of a cosmetic rewards system at NetherGames. Learn more at

Do you offer VIP ranks?
Interested in buying a rank? You've got four options:
- Ultra ($14.99 lifetime)
- Emerald ($24.99 lifetime)
- Legend ($29.99 lifetime)
- Titan ($7.99/month, requires Legend)
Each one comes loaded with fun perks. Learn more at

How do I apply for staff/builder?
We currently have a number of volunteer staff openings at NetherGames. You can learn more about current vacancies and each position in detail on our helpdesk -

I'm a YouTuber who loves recording on NetherGames. How do I apply for a YouTube rank of some sort?
There's 2 types of ranks that YouTubers are eligible for on the network:
- YouTube (1000 subscribers and above)
- Partner (10,000 subscribers and above, subject to strict review)
Interested in applying? Find out the detailed requirements on our helpdesk -
Ready to apply? Check out this video tutorial to get started -

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