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The U.S. is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. Major Atlantic Coast cities are New York, a global finance and culture center, and capital Washington, DC. Midwestern metropolis Chicago is known for influential architecture and on the west coast, Los Angeles' Hollywood is famed for filmmaking.

USA has the predominant market when it comes to number of Minecraft Servers. Some of the Oldest Minecraft Servers in America built during 2010 are, and

Minecraft Servers in America make up approximatly 36% of all servers accross the world. The Amercian population constitutes 4.25% of the world population.

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Players - 212
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Welcome to CosmosMC! We are proud to boast one of the friendliest communities in Minecraft, welcoming of all people. Our admins work hard to bring fresh constant updates to the server, and take on all community feedback to ensure the players have the best experience.

[b]We offer:[/b]

EarthSMP: Our 1:500 scale map of the entire Earth brings along all the features of 1.19, even if you are playing on an earlier version! You get to enjoy axolotls, copper, amethyst geodes and all the great features of the latest version. There are custom jobs, trading, even vehicles you can drive (tractors, airplanes, drills) all in vanilla Minecraft!

Survival: Join our classic Survival server today. While we try and offer a vanilla experience, there are also some amazing custom features we have implemented in order to make our server unique and fun for all. The auction house allows you to bid and sell items, and our trading system ensures you will not get scammed or swindled. Our player run economy ensures inflation is never high, and you can afford anything. Unlike many other servers, the vanilla mob spawn rates are unchanged, meaning you won't struggle to find food or monsters to hunt.

LifeSteal: The wildly popular LifeSteal SMP is now officially running on the CosmosMC server. When you kill a player, you gain a heart permanently. When you die, you lose a heart permanently. Don't let your hearts get too low though, because if you get down to 0, you die forever. Our server also offers a unique prestige system, where when you reach the maximum number of hearts (50), they can be exchanged for custom prestige rewards, and your hearts will be reset.

Also, we are [b]Bedrock Compatible[/b]! This means if you are on iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox, PlayStation or any other Bedrock device, you can join our server too and play along-side your Java buddies, just use port 19132 instead!

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Players - 1021
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ManaCube is one of the best Minecraft server networks with many gamemodes:

Test your skills in our parkour server, ranging from easy levels to extremely difficult! Our maps are also unique in that they are entirely community created, meaning you can create your own map and submit it to us to be featured! Currently, there are over 1000 maps available on our server, with many more added monthly!

Show off your creative knowledge by building without limitations on our custom Creative server. Our plots are huge (111x111 blocks) meaning you can build virtually anything, and our custom "Like" signs allow players to like your plot, earning you mana!

[b]Infinity (Anarchy)[/b]
Infinity is our take on the anarchy genre, with an endless world, stretching all the way to the world border (29 million blocks away). It is also completely vanilla, meaning you can build anywhere, fight others and grief everything. Best of all, our anarchy server runs on 1.16, unlike others, which are stuck on 1.12, so you can use all the latest features!

The classic survival gamemode. Players can team up, explore the world, create bases and fight off mobs. Our server utilized many features in order to provide a more unique experience, such as an in-game economy, as well as custom enchantments for tools and armor.

[b]Olympus (Prison)[/b]
Olympus is a mining and farming based server. The more you mine, the higher your rank becomes. New players will start out as rank "Peasant", and advance through the ranks until you reach "Demi-God". As you advance, you will unlock new features to keep the gameplay interesting, such as the Ancient Trials; where 10 waves of mobs spawn with increasing difficulty, until the final boss is reached.

In a 1:5000 scale of the real Earth, players are free to explore the world, and discover jobs and factions as they travel. Players can create towns, join others, and start fights, mimicking real life situations! Our 1.19 world also allows players to get access to brand new resources to use, such as copper!

It doesn't just end there though, there are countless other gamemodes we have on offer, join today to find out!!!

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