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Go Java Edition for Mods!

One of the features of the Minecraft Java Edition for servers has is it's option to install mods/mod packs. Bedrock will not give server owners the ability to modifiy the server to any where near the same extent as Java. This along with age, is generally why Java servers are higher in numbers.

Installing files for clients and server owners has been made easier with programs like Forge , Overwolf, Technic , and the older Thermos, Cauldron, Fabric , CraftBukkit.

As the name suggest mods change or modifiy the actual server or client files. Plugins also alter the gamers experience but do not change files. Improving functionality like command-adding or chunk-claiming/anti-griefing via plugins. It's gets a little complicated if you are wanting to use plugins and mods so look at using Thermos, which will help combining them.

Some of the better known mods available are:

To find a modded server look for the "Modded" category in our server list menu.

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