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Browse through the best Minecraft Java Servers from the community. We have a list of the most popular and up-to-date servers. Our site updates every 10 minutes to make sure you get the best experience. If you play the Bedrock version of the game, then be sure to also check out our Bedrock (PE) Servers.

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Java Servers FAQ

Is having a Java Server Free?

There is no fee or license needed to run a Minecraft Java Server.

However you will need to host your server on a computer either with a Hosting Company our your own home PC. If you choose to run your server on a Hosting company server then there are costs to run and store your Minecraft Server with them. 

What client is needed for Java and Bedrock?

Minecraft combined the Java and Bedrock versions of the game into one. This means one launcher to play either Java or Bedrock. 

Minecraft users were given the option to upgrade their account on June 2022. You no longer have to pay for two licences if you used Java and Bedrock editions.

The Games still have distinctive features between the Java and Bedrock versions.

What devices will Java Work on?

Java edition is PC Only that run either Windows, MacOS or Linux operating system.

Can Java clients join Bedrock Servers.

No, Java Clients cannot join Bedrock Servers. Is is only possible for Bedrock clients to join Java servers.

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