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Just what exactly is LifeSteal?

Traditional fighting stratergies either involve defending oneself or attacking a foe. When defending you might use a shield or when attacking a sword. Both of these have visable items the other players can see. Lifesteal is like an invisable super power to your defense as we explain a little more below.

Overview of LifeSteal

As the name suggests, on this type of server, players can permanently “steal” health from others by killing them. For example, if you were to kill another player, one of their hearts is taken from their total life bar and is instead added onto your total life, meaning you now permanently have 11 hearts! (And the unfortunate victim is left with 9 hearts)

There are many different types of Lifesteal servers, so if you’re a player who isn’t a fan of perma-death hardcore mechanics, there are other options available for you, never fear! Instead of being eliminated (or banned from the server for a time) when you reach zero hearts, some servers have implemented a minimum heart level, so that your last five hearts cannot ever get stolen by another player.

There are other servers around, though, that give you the option to craft more hearts. Requiring 3 diamond blocks (amongst other things), this is not a decision to make lightly, however. Diamonds are a hard-won treasure, as you know – so the usual choice of “a diamond sword, or a diamond suit of armour” is made even harder by throwing in this third option. Better start saving for that extra heart immediately, then!

All in all, Lifesteal is a brilliant gamemode for any player seeking suspenseful and exciting gameplay!

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