Minecraft Servers List FAQs


General FAQ

Our Minecraft server list is a hub or directory that shows a list of many Minecraft server details. This makes it easy to find your favorite Minecraft server where you can join, vote or review them.

You can aslo find a Minecraft Server by many things such as name, rank, server version or gameplay tags.

Minecraft Servers have expanded and evolved throughout the years to offer a wide variety of gamemodes for players. We have compiled a list of the most common gameplay tags here.

Servers FAQ

As soon as you submit your vote it will be counted toward the tally for the server you have voted for.

Before doing anything, wait 10-15 minutes, we only ping servers every so often, and your server's details may not have been updated yet. If this still doesn't fix it, you can try manually pinging your server from your user dashboard. If this still doesn't work, contact us and we will try and sort out the issue with you.

Any server that has been offline for more than 2 days will be displayed as inactive. This should be seen as a warning to server owners, as if the server continues to stay offline for 14 days it will be automatically deleted from our list. If there is an error, and your server is not actually offline, please contact us immediately.

You need to have an account with a valid e-mail before you add your server. Then all you need to do is click the "Add a Server" button and fill out all the necessary details. We will then ping your server to make sure it exists and you should see it appear in the list as well as your user dashboard, allowing you to edit it if necessary.

You can vote on any server on our site once every 24 hours. If you are getting the message "A User with that IP has already voted today!" then someone else in your household has voted already. We allow only 1 vote per unique IP in order to counter server owners trying to register "fake" votes to increase their rank.

It is completely free to add your server to our list. We will never ask for money from customers when they add their server.

Account FAQ

You need an account in order to add your server so we can identify you as the owner of the server, allowing you to edit, manage and delete your servers if necessary, it also acts as a way for us to message you in case something goes wrong.

Review FAQ

We take your total number of reviews over a 90 day period and calculate your average review score.

Reviews should appear under your server within 5 minutes, with each server's average review score updating hourly.

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