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Servers FAQ

How can I Increase my Vote Multiplier?

There are multiple ways you can increase your vote multiplier, below is a full list of everything you can do to maximize your multiplier:

  • Have a server banner
  • Having a favicon for your server
  • Having a server uptime over 95%
  • Having Votifier set-up for our website
  • Having a Discord server for your Minecraft Server linked on our website
  • Having 4 or more reviews for your server
  • Having a server description
  • Making your server description over 300 characters long
  • Having a short description longer that 130 characters
  • Having a cross-play Minecraft server

How does the Vote Multiplier Work?

The vote multiplier is our custom algorithm that we use to increase the visibility of high quality servers.

It is calculated by multiplying the number of votes the server has by our multiplier.

Eg: If a server has 100 votes, and their multiplier is 1.07x, our ranking system places them slightly higher when sorting, essentially giving them 107 votes. This is because 100 x 1.07 = 107

This can make a big difference in rankings, so try and increase your multiplier as much as possible!

When will my vote show on the server?

As soon as you submit your vote it will be counted toward the tally for the server you have voted for.

My Server says it's "Offline" but it isn't.

Before doing anything, wait 10-15 minutes, we only ping servers every so often, and your server's details may not have been updated yet. If this doesn't work, contact us and we will be happy to resolve the issue.

Why does my server not display "Online" or "Offline"?

Any server that has been offline for more than 2 days is classed as inactive. These servers get moved to the bottom of our server list until the server goes online again. If the server remains offline for more than 14 days, it will automatically be deleted from our list. If your server is displaying as offline when it isn't, please Contact Us immediately so it doesn't get deleted.

How do I add my Server?

You need to have an account with a valid e-mail before you add your server. Then all you need to do is click the "Add a Server" button and fill out all the necessary details. We will then ping your server to make sure it exists and you should see it appear in the list as well as your user dashboard, allowing you to edit it if necessary.

Please note that you can only add your server once every 7 days, so if you delete it, you need to wait before you can re-add it.

How often can I vote?

You can vote once on our site every 24 hours. We also only allow 1 vote per IP address, so if you recieve the message "You have already voted today!" and it has been longer than 24 hours, someone else in your household may have already voted today.

Is it free to add my server?

It is completely free to add your server to our list. We will never ask for money from customers when they add their server.

General FAQ

What is a Minecraft Server List?

Our Minecraft server list is a hub or directory that shows a list of many Minecraft servers. This makes it easy to find your favourite Minecraft server where you can join, vote or review them.

You can also find a Minecraft Server by many things such as name, rank, server version or gamemode.

Account FAQ

Why do I need to create an account to add my server?

You need an account in order to add your server so we can identify you as the owner of the server, allowing you to edit, manage and delete your servers if necessary, it also acts as a way for us to message you in case something goes wrong.

Review FAQ

Why do my reviews keep getting deleted?

We filter and remove any unhelpful reviews; such as those with spam, too little words, or swearing. To ensure your review does not get deleted, make it informative and helpful to other players.

How often are reviews updated?

A review will appear under your server as soon as one is left. The "average review", seen on the home-page is calculated by averaging all the reviews given for your server, and is updated every 24 hours.