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The 4 Oldest Servers In Minecraft's History

Minecraft has been around for many years now, and it's popularity is ever increasing, but since it's official release on the 18th of November, 2011, more and more servers have grown, died, and been forgotten. However, the four servers talked about below have been with Minecraft throughout the 12 years it has been around, with some riddled with drama and chaos, and others a quiet paradise for friends.

2b2t (2builders2tools)

Created by: Hausemaster, georgebush420
Date of Creation: December 1st 2010 *
2b2t is perhaps one of the most well-known servers in Minecraft. Since it's founding in December 2010, 2b2t has been notorious as an 'anarchy' server, where there is a severe lacking of rules, thousands of players roaming using hacked clients, a lack of friendliness, giving the server it's distinct beaten-up landscape. What the server is probably most famous for though, is it's map, which, since it's creation, has never once been reset. This means that countless players have come and gone throughout the years, leaving their mark on the server forever.
In it's early days, 2b2t had a steady flow of players, fluctuating between 10-80 over the years. This changed in June 2016 though, as popular YouTuber TheCampingRusher uploaded his first video. Since then, countless other YouTubers have recorded on the server, bringing 2b2t it's popularity known today. In 2022, the server constantly reaches over 1000 players in peak times, and it doesn't seem like that number will decrease any time soon.
* December 1st 2010 is an estimate, no one knows exactly when it was created, only that it was around this time.


Date of Creation: August 4th 2010
Created by: SlowRiot
MinecraftOnline was first created on August 4th, 2010, and has long had the reputation of the oldest server in Minecraft's history, given that it was created within an hour of Notch releasing survival multiplayer mode. Since this time, incredibly, the server has stayed online and has not been reset once. But why doesn't it look like the conglomerate of cobblestone that 2b2t is?
Well, amazingly, the server has had a staff team since it's inception, and unlike 2b2t, MinecraftOnline has rules that players must follow. That doesn't always mean players follow the rules though, as in the 12 years it has been running, over 43,000 players have been banned. That's not the only surprising thing about it though, as the size of the world (remember, it's never been reset) has reached an astounding 26GB of storage space, just ONE world.

Date of Creation: June 10th, 2009 *
Created by: (unknown); Current Head Admins: defiex, fazaden, pez252 
Address: was first established on June 10th, 2009, first opened just 3 days after Minecraft's unofficial 'Multiplayer' release, Version 'Classic 0.0.16a'. This was so early in Minecraft that survival mode was not a feature in the game yet. As you can see from the image above, many creations from different eras of Minecraft have been built on The server has had many different gamemodes added over the years, but the oldest and most popular is the 'Creative' type, where players have no healthbar, are able to fly, and can build anything their imagination desires.
While the server was indeed created in the early stages of the game, some argue that MinecraftOnline is older than it, due to the map being reset numerous times, meaning it isn't truly the same world it was all those years ago.'s Creative gamemode is currently on it's 36th revision, meaning it has previously been reset 35 times.
* Because of the server resets mentioned above, it was decided cannot be considered as the oldest server, as it's world is relatively new.


Date of Creation: April 9th, 2010
Created by: rbos 
The Novylen Minecraft Server located in Canada has the official title of oldest Minecraft Server ever created, on the 9th of April, 2010, 4 months earlier than the previous holder, MinecraftOnline. But if you read previously, you'd notice that MinecraftOnline was released the day multiplayer was created, so how was Novylen created earlier than this?
While the server was introduced the day of Minecraft Multiplayer's release, the map was created far earlier, as rbos, the owner, originally played the map on his singleplayer world all the way back in Minecraft's InfDev period (specifically InfDev 20100413), 4 months before the release of Minecraft Multiplayer. To add to this, the server has never once been reset, meaning a player could have hopped on over 10 years ago, constructed something, and left forever, with their creation being the only reminder of their existence. Novylen is also far less popular than 2b2t, meaning it hasn't suffered the same fate of countless griefs, exploits and hackers. This leads to many of the original creations of 2010 still being visible today!

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