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Hungry for fun? Feed that craving and join us on ChubbyCraft! We currently offer three exciting game-modes, Creative, Factions, and Skyblock!

Our Creative server offers players 100x100 plots giving you plenty of room to build! You can build by hand or by unlocking worldedit, however you like! So many features and surprises, ChubbyCraft creative server is the place to build your dream world today!

However, if you're in search for BLOOD then our Faction server will give you the PVP thrill you seek! We offer a death to raid system, meaning if you're skilled enough you could down any Faction you choose to! Train your skills and become the best with the unique skill system we offer and be sure to keep an eye out throughout the world for accompanied seasons that take the game to a whole other level!

Maybe you want a bit of both? Then take to the skylands and forge your own personal sky island with our enhanced Skyblock game-mode! Complete with fun quests to earn in game currencies that will allow you to upgrade your island's look and functionality, which also increases your island's ranking. Your adventures are accompanied by a skilling feature that hones your skills to become more efficient. PvP is available in select areas to challenge your fighting prowess from the experiences you developed on your island!

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ChubbyCraft FAQ

How can you join ChubbyCraft Minecraft Server?

You can join the ChubbyCraft Minecraft server by copying the IP below.

Then, navigate to your Minecraft Launcher, and from the title screen click Multiplayer > Direct Connect. Paste in the server IP and hit "Join Server"!


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How often can we vote for ChubbyCraft?

You can vote for ChubbyCraft once per day. Only one vote for the entire site per day is accepted!

Is ChubbyCraft using Votifier?

Yes, the ChubbyCraft Minecraft Server supports Votifier, meaning you'll be able to get rewards for coming back and voting everyday!

Where is the ChubbyCraft Server located?

The ChubbyCraft Minecraft Server is located in United States (US)

What Minecraft versions does ChubbyCraft support?

ChubbyCraft supports the following version/s: 1.19