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CraftMine FAQ

How can you join CraftMine Minecraft Server?

You can join the CraftMine Minecraft server by copying the IP below.

Then, navigate to your Minecraft Launcher, and from the title screen click Multiplayer > Direct Connect. Paste in the server IP and hit "Join Server"!


Copy IP

How often can we vote for CraftMine?

You can vote for CraftMine once per day. Only one vote for the entire site per day is accepted!

Is CraftMine using Votifier?

No, the CraftMine Minecraft Server does not support Votifier. However, you can still show your support by voting for them. It will help show their server to more people!

Where is the CraftMine Server located?

The CraftMine Minecraft Server is located in Canada

What Minecraft versions does CraftMine support?

CraftMine supports the following version/s: 1.18