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Description of  CubeCraft Games

Here at CubeCraft we strive to make the most fun-filled entertaining minigames possible for you and your friends to play. We have some award winning games to boast about including:

Skywars: Fight against 12 other players on floating sky islands. Find hidden chests for loot and goodies and be careful to not fall into the void. Once you die you are eliminated!

Eggwars: Similar to Skywars, you spawn on a floating island with your team, with only 1 objective, defend your egg and attack your opponents eggs. Once your egg is cracked, that's it, there's no more respawning for you.

Survival Games: Inspired by the Hunger Games movie, CubeCraft Survival Games puts you against 24 other players, with the only objective being the last man standing. Loot is scattered around the map for you to find.

Thats not all though, we also have over 30+ minigames that are fast paced for you to try out. It's all super fun and a wildly unique experience! Come check us out today!


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FAQ of  CubeCraft Games

How can I join the CubeCraft Games Minecraft Server?

To join the CubeCraft Games Minecraft server on Java Edition:

  1. Copy the Java IP Address above, by either clicking the "Copy IP" button above, or manually selecting the text and pressing "Ctrl + C".
  2. Open the Minecraft Launcher and make sure you have "Minecraft: Java Edition" selected.
  3. Click "Play" and your game should launch and begin loading.
  4. Once the homescreen appears, click on the "Multiplayer" button.
  5. From here, press the button that says "Direct Connect".
  6. In the "Server Address" box, press "Ctrl + V" to paste the IP in.
  7. Finally, press "Join Server" to connect to the Minecraft server and start playing!

Does CubeCraft Games use Votifier?

No, the CubeCraft Games Minecraft Server does not support Votifier. However, you can still show your support by voting for them. It will help show their server to more people!

Make sure to come back every 24 hours to vote again! It will greatly help the server out!

Where is the CubeCraft Games Server located?

The CubeCraft Games Minecraft Server is located in United Kingdom (UK).
To get the best connection speed, choose a server that is located close to you.

What versions does CubeCraft Games support?

CubeCraft Games supports the following version/s 1.12-1.18
You will be able to join CubeCraft Games on any of the versions above, other Minecraft versions are not supported.