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Description of  Ignite Your Mine

Welcome to Ignite Your Mine! We offer a more stable remake of the classic Tekkit servers we all know and love. If you want that nostalgic feeling of playing Tekkit again, then come join our Minecraft server today!
We have a very welcoming community, accepting of people of all ages, gender, etc... and do not discriminate.
There are few plugins, just the ability to claim land so your builds do not get griefed by some trolls.
Finally there are no banned items, however if any players are found of abusing this privilidge then this may change in the future.

• Dedicated Server with a high amount of RAM and 20 TPS
• Running on Minecraft Version 1.12.2

Most importantly, just have fun and enjoy your time in Ignite Your Mine!


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FAQ of  Ignite Your Mine

How can I join the Ignite Your Mine Minecraft Server?

To join the Ignite Your Mine Minecraft server on Java Edition:

  1. Copy the Java IP Address above, by either clicking the "Copy IP" button above, or manually selecting the text and pressing "Ctrl + C".
  2. Open the Minecraft Launcher and make sure you have "Minecraft: Java Edition" selected.
  3. Click "Play" and your game should launch and begin loading.
  4. Once the homescreen appears, click on the "Multiplayer" button.
  5. From here, press the button that says "Direct Connect".
  6. In the "Server Address" box, press "Ctrl + V" to paste the IP in.
  7. Finally, press "Join Server" to connect to the Minecraft server and start playing!

Does Ignite Your Mine use Votifier?

Yes, the Ignite Your Mine Minecraft Server supports Votifier, meaning you'll be able to get rewards for coming back and voting everyday!

Make sure to come back every 24 hours to vote again! It will greatly help the server out!

Where is the Ignite Your Mine Server located?

The Ignite Your Mine Minecraft Server is located in United States (US).
To get the best connection speed, choose a server that is located close to you.

What versions does Ignite Your Mine support?

Ignite Your Mine supports the following version/s 1.12
You will be able to join Ignite Your Mine on any of the versions above, other Minecraft versions are not supported.