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Description of  Quantum Craft SMP

Looking for players for my SMP java server. Specifically, we are looking for builders and redstone experts to contribute to the world, but all are welcome. If enough players join, we will move to whitelist. The build-style is contemporary/industrial, so please stick to that style when applicable. The builds on the server are protected by grief prevention. There is also a one-player sleep plugin and anti-cheat. A few notable builds: a nether hub on the roof of the nether, an auto-smelter factory with an auto farm fuel source, a mob grinder tower, a guardian farm, and an underground industrial complex with an iron farm and villager trading hall/breeder. If you would like to use the community farms, please ask. More privileges will be given to those who contribute.
- No griefing of any kind. Again, the builds are protected by land claims, but this rule still applies.
- No stealing from other players.
- No killing players outside of PVP.
- No messing with other players' redstone contraptions.
- No cheating of any kind: fly-hacking, illegal use of commands, any kind of hacked client, x-rays
- If you pillar up using blocks, clean them up when you're done
- No building at spawn unless authorized
- No building at nether spawn unless authorized
- Don't make land claims bigger than needed

Please join and have fun! A few players currently play, but the active playerbase could be much larger. The server admin is me (PleaseSignOut), so please ask me any questions you might have.


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FAQ of  Quantum Craft SMP

How can I join the Quantum Craft SMP Minecraft Server?

To join the Quantum Craft SMP Minecraft server on Java Edition:

  1. Copy the Java IP Address above, by either clicking the "Copy IP" button above, or manually selecting the text and pressing "Ctrl + C".
  2. Open the Minecraft Launcher and make sure you have "Minecraft: Java Edition" selected.
  3. Click "Play" and your game should launch and begin loading.
  4. Once the homescreen appears, click on the "Multiplayer" button.
  5. From here, press the button that says "Direct Connect".
  6. In the "Server Address" box, press "Ctrl + V" to paste the IP in.
  7. Finally, press "Join Server" to connect to the Minecraft server and start playing!

Does Quantum Craft SMP use Votifier?

No, the Quantum Craft SMP Minecraft Server does not support Votifier. However, you can still show your support by voting for them. It will help show their server to more people!

Make sure to come back every 24 hours to vote again! It will greatly help the server out!

Where is the Quantum Craft SMP Server located?

The Quantum Craft SMP Minecraft Server is located in United States (US).
To get the best connection speed, choose a server that is located close to you.

What versions does Quantum Craft SMP support?

Quantum Craft SMP supports the following version/s 1.19
You will be able to join Quantum Craft SMP on any of the versions above, other Minecraft versions are not supported.