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Description of  Realmportal

⦿ Explore our beautiful custom terrain generation and choose on of our fancy new biomes to build your base in!

⦿ Fend off our custom mobs and unique bosses to gain special items only availible on our server!

⦿ Pick your own class, each with a unique skillset and custom abilities as you level up.

⦿ Build your own factories that auto-produce resources for you so you don't need to go manually collecting them.

⦿ Get rich on our fairly priced, inflation free economy. Trade with others, or set up your own shop and sell items!

⦿ Explore scary dungeons to retrieve special loot, gain experience, and get exclusive gear upon completion.

⦿ We strive to bring regular updates with new content regularly so players never get bored! We love to hear community feedback and new ideas over on our Discord!

⦿ No mods required to play! Just copy the IP and hop straight on! All you need is the resource pack upon joining!

⦿ Our server is over 8 years old, meaning we will never go down and our experienced staff will be able to handle any queries you have for them!

⦿ Realmportal is online 24/7, meaning you can join any time, with 64GB RAM and a dedicated machine bringing you the ultimate lag-free Minecraft experience!


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Reviews of  Realmportal

doge642  16/05/2023 

fun, and very nice staff!

Magic_Lizzard   09/05/2023 

Realmportal is a great small smp with fun mods that make playing on it incredibly fun.

IForgetBreathing  27/12/2022 

Great staff and really fun twist to a towny element, loving it so far!

MrSer  05/12/2022 

Very good, nice community.

FAQ of  Realmportal

How can I join the Realmportal Minecraft Server?

To join the Realmportal Minecraft server on Java Edition:

  1. Copy the Java IP Address above, by either clicking the "Copy IP" button above, or manually selecting the text and pressing "Ctrl + C".
  2. Open the Minecraft Launcher and make sure you have "Minecraft: Java Edition" selected.
  3. Click "Play" and your game should launch and begin loading.
  4. Once the homescreen appears, click on the "Multiplayer" button.
  5. From here, press the button that says "Direct Connect".
  6. In the "Server Address" box, press "Ctrl + V" to paste the IP in.
  7. Finally, press "Join Server" to connect to the Minecraft server and start playing!

Does Realmportal use Votifier?

Yes, the Realmportal Minecraft Server supports Votifier, meaning you'll be able to get rewards for coming back and voting everyday!

Make sure to come back every 24 hours to vote again! It will greatly help the server out!

Where is the Realmportal Server located?

The Realmportal Minecraft Server is located in United States (US).
To get the best connection speed, choose a server that is located close to you.

What versions does Realmportal support?

Realmportal supports the following version/s 1.19
You will be able to join Realmportal on any of the versions above, other Minecraft versions are not supported.