Best (and Worst) Minecraft Server Hosts of 2022!

Minecraft Server Hosting sites can get confusing, with all the prices, specs, and extra features to look out for, it can often be hard to decide which is the best site to use for your Minecraft Server. So, in order to sort out this confusion, we have compiled a list of the Best (and worst) Minecraft Server Hosts for you, updated for 2022!
We have created a table against each server, showing their specs and prices. You can compare the data below yourself, or head to their website for a further look.
Best Minecraft Server Hosts

But What Specs Matter for a Minecraft Server?

Minecraft Servers can cost a lot of money to run, so it's important to know the specs you should be looking for and comparing. If you go down the route of using a Server Hosting Website, the important specs can be narrowed down to 3 key things:

Amount of RAM Dedicated to the Server

The amount of RAM you decide to put into your server will directly affect it's performance. The Minecraft Wiki states that you should dedicate a minimum of 50-100MB of RAM per player for your server. So, figure out how many players you are going to have on your server, and choose the correct amount of RAM accordingly.

CPU Clock-Speed

If your CPU clock-speed is too low, your server is going to struggle. Minecraft, unfortunately, is largely a single-threaded game, meaning the most important thing about a CPU, is it's clock-speed. The higher, the better. Once again, the Minecraft Wiki says the minimum CPU clock-speed for a Linux Server is 2.0GHz. In our experience, this is far too low, and most Minecraft Server Hosts offer CPU's with clock-speeds of 4.0GHz and above, so just make sure your Server Host has around that level.

Storage with High Read-Write Speeds

This point is not as important, but it will improve your server's performance nonetheless. Look for an SSD over a typical hard-drive, and find a server host with unlimited storage, as Minecraft Servers can get very large.

The Best Server Hosting Sites to Use

Below are the two best sites we highly recommend you use for your Minecraft Server. They are cheap, effective, and fast for the prices they offer, meaning you most likely won't find a better deal. They make Minecraft Servers easy to setup and give you and your players a fun lag-free experience.
Here is a quick list of some of the best server hosts there is to offer:
   • PebbleHost
   • Shockbyte
   • Apex Hosting
   • Minecraft Hosting Pro
   • ServerMiner


PebbleHost Logo
PebbleHost Website
PebbleHost is hands down the best Minecraft Server Hosting site to use. Their website is clean and professional, it's easy to navigate, setting up takes no time at all, you can have an unlimited amount of player slots, and all the plans are super cheap compared to competitors. PebbleHost also offers free backups, and if you want the best security, you can have up to 480Gbps of DDOS protection. If you aren't already using them, we highly recommend PebbleHost as your go-to Minecraft Server Host.
* Check Out PebbleHost Here!
* Affiliate Link
Unbeatable Prices, starting at just $1.00 per GB
Easy to use
Free subdomain tool
Instant Setup
Option of dedicated CPU threads to improve server performance
Unmetered Enterprise Grade Storage
Budget Tier: Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 @ 3.7Ghz
Premium Tier: Intel i9-9900K / Xeon E-2236 @ 4.8Ghz (Optional Dedicated Threads)

Unlimited Storage SSDs

Budget Tier: $1.00/GB
Premium Tier: $2.25/GB


Shockbyte Website Plans
Another great Minecraft Server Hosting site to use is Shockbyte. They offer cheap plans, combined with great hardware to bring you some of the most lag-free and optimized Minecraft Servers on the market. They also offer a 50% discount coupon for the first month if you decide to choose them, making them a great alternative to PebbleHost. Also, much like PebbleHost, they have their own free subdomain creator, as well as unlimited storage usage for your Minecraft Server.
* Check Out Shockbyte Here!
* Affiliate Link
Cheap plans, around $2.50 per GB of RAM
Up to 64GB of RAM available
Instant Setup
Auto-Updating Minecraft Versions
Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
Customer support is not the best
Control Panel can be a bit confusing
Intel Xeon E-2236 @ Max 4.80GHz
Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 @ Max 4.00GHz
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X @ Max 4.40GHz
Intel Core i7-7700K @ Max 4.50GHz

Unlimited Storage NVMe SSDs


The Minecraft Server Hosting Sites to Avoid

Most of the sites below we would not recommend, either due to being terribly overpriced, not offering unlimited storage, bad specs, or a combination of all of these. Don't worry if you are using these sites though, they might suit your needs well and you could be perfectly happy with how your experience has gone. They just don't align well with our morals.

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting Logo
Apex Hosting Website Prices
While we have not had any problems with running servers on Apex Hosting, one thing we can't get over is the price. It is just too pricy for the deals you get, which is going to end up burning a hole in your wallet if you aren't careful. At $5 per GB of RAM, we'd highly recommend the other Minecraft Server Hosting services already detailed above, instead of this. Apex Hosting does offer reasonable support though, something which is lacking in other websites, and the 10% quarterly billing discount is a nice feature to have. While Apex Hosting might not be the best option available, it is far more preferable than some of the others in this list.
Check Out Apex Hosting Here!
Fast, efficient support team
10% discount on servers that are billed quarterly
Unlimited Player Slots
Unlimited Storage Space
Cost of servers is too pricy, at $5 per GB of RAM
They only offer up to 15GB of ram, which may not be enough for some servers
No option for dedicated servers
Ryzen 7 5800X 4.7GHz
E-2288G 5.0GHz
i7-7700K 4.5GHz
Ryzen 9 5900X 4.8GHz

Unlimited Storage NVMe SSDs + Regular SSDs



MCProHosting Logo
MCProHosting Website Prices
While their site may look flashy, their prices are lackluster. They have been around since almost the beginning of Minecraft Multiplayer, but unfortunately, in that time, they haven't really changed. The hardware running on the server is exactly the same as all the other companies, so the cost should be on par with them too. But, at over $5 per GB of RAM, there are cheaper and better options available. Customer support ranges from good to terrible, so if you ever have a problem, expect a mixed bag response. If you still wish to go with MCProHosting, that's fine. Their servers often have a lag-free experience, and are great for a small player-base, but if you are trying to build something larger, there are better options listed above.
Check Out MCProHosting Here!
General lag-free experience
Expansive and customizable options
Unlimited Storage Space
Plans are overpriced, at ~$6 per GB of RAM
You have to pay an extra $2 monthly for unlimited player slots
Backups are another $4 monthly fee (other sites offer this for free)
Lackluster support
No option for dedicated servers
Dual E5-2600 Series (2.0GHz to 3.8GHz)

Unlimited Storage SSDs

Between $5-$8/GB


GGServers Logo
GGServers Website Prices
GGServers is another hard one to recommend, support is very lackluster (see below), servers go down constantly, and the hardware is underwhelming for the price. 
While we personally haven't had any trouble with them, others in the community have presented alarming evidence. The standard plan is around $3 per GB of RAM, but, because it's the "standard" option, the specs are sub-par compared to the rest of the industry. If you really want to get the best lag-free experience, you need to use their Premium plans, which double the price to $6 per GB of RAM. There are better options than GGServers, but if you want to use it, there is a link to their website below.
Check Out GGServers Here!
Offers a 20% off of first invoice
Highly Customizable
Stylish Website
Overpriced RAM ($6 a GB)
Standard plans useless as specs are terrible
Very little support
No option for dedicated servers
Basic: E5-1650v3 @ 3.2-4.0GHz
Premium:  i7-6700k @ 4.2GHz / i7-7700k @ 5 GHz

Basic: Unlimited Storage SSDs
Premium: Unlimited Storage NVMe SSDs

Basic: $3.00/GB
Premium: $6.00/GB


ScalaCube Website Plans
ScalaCube offers some of the most extremely overpriced plans on the market, whilst also simultaneously giving it's users below industry standard specs. If you were paying nearly $7 per GB of RAM, you would expect at least decent specs, but no. The CPU maxes out at 3.4GHz, you get a small, limited amount of storage, automated backups are an extra cost of $10, and many users have experienced getting flat-out scammed. (See Below)
We would highly, highly not recommend ScalaCube, but if you view it, and still decide it's the site for you, then you can go to their website below.
Check Out ScalaCube Here!
Offers a free plan
Has SSD storage
Plans far too expensive for what they offer ($7 a GB of RAM?!)
The CPU only has a clock-speed of 3.4GHz, not nearly enough
Storage is not unlimited, with no expansion capabilities
Backups cost $10
Very little support
No option for dedicated servers
Not Mentioned but runs at 3.4GHz

10GB-320GB SSD Storage (Not Unlimited)

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