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Are there any Classic Prison Servers left?

YES they do exist and there are even recently created servers that have launched in the past few years!

Tedious to some the classic prison setting in Minecraft allows for a engaging , yet simple gameplay experience that many players enjoyed when Minecraft was first released.

These are hard to find as the many Minecraft Servers Lists do not highlight a "Classic" prison from the OP prison servers currently running today. So below is a brief list of servers (Alphabetical and if you know of any more then please feel free to comment and we can add them to the list!)

  • Airidale
  • Allium Prison
  • CastawayMC
  • Dodgecraft (Partial)
  • LockedMC
  • Mineplex
  • Skyprison
  • Sirus Prison
  • Techge3ks
  • TitanMC

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