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Kits and Perks for Skywars Players!

When there are special items you can have and can use to gain the advantage in Skywars, it is worth knowing about them. As Hypixel is the king of Skywars we have listed what they have available.

What is a Kit or Perk?

Server Owners can set you up with some booty when you first lauch onto a site. Either when you spawn or available where you spawn. Basically anything in Minecraft is available and could be placed into a kit or be classed as a perk.

Each Kit or Perk type will have an advantage against another player and it's useful to try to detect what they have to counter their attacks.

Server owners other than Hypixel will have their own names and kit combinations. Be sure to get familar with what they have to offer by checking out their blogs or Wiki's.

Insane and Normal Kits (45x kits)

Sloth (Normal Mode)
Adds Slowness II (why would you bother)
Engineer (Normal Mode)
Used for trapping but not much use in fighting which is the main premise in Skywars
Potions last only 10secs and as you have to remove all your armour just to use the kit it makes you rather defenceless.
It gives you thorns at the expense of being only able to wear leather armour. The thorns damage is so minimal that better armour over getting beatin up quicker is a better way to go.
Poor armour and poor potions for the effort to obtain is not worth it. Fishing rod can knock players off bridges.
Cannoneer (Normal Mode)
Bit like the engineers kit for trapping and has TNT jump ability.
Troll (Normal Mode)
Has ability to trap with webs and decent armour.
Bats and a dark potion?
Poor Armour
4 Damage is absorbed
Poor damage poision pots that can already be found in other chests.
Zookeeper (Normal Mode)
Spawns animals for no fighting benifit
Default Kit
Insane - Comes with diamond armour and sword
Normal - Stone pickaxe, axe and shovel
Receive Power I bow and leather armour of which you can find around the island anyway.
Receive Power II bow and leather armour. Again better bow's and armour elsewhere.
Creates mobs that do little damage and potion which does the same
Adds water advantage but people can see it and will simply avoid it.
Diamond Pickaxe helpful with rushing players but contains no armour
Sword III but is only lasts 7x hits. Possible enchantments are Looting, Smite, Fire Aspect, Knockback, Unbreaking and Sharpness up to Level III. Also supplies you with regeneration mod.
2x Charged Creeper that have large explosions but are easy to avoid.
Adds a Snow Golem, shovel and 32x Snowballs giving kickback abilities.
3x splah potions of Instant healh *2
2x golden apples
2x splash potions of regeneration (these can be found elsewhere)
Smart pearl that cannot be used in the first 30secs. Good for escapes or surprise attacks. Can be found sometimes found elsewhere.
Increases HP to 28 when right clicked
Potion that is quite visible to other players when your are taking it and slow to drink. Adds 7 secs of strength I, a 130% damage increase
Monster Trainer (Normal Mode)
Mob Spawn egg and 5x Mob Captures with Level III armour
Nether Lord
Fire nugget close to useless but has Level III armour
Thunder Meister
Increases HP to 28 when Axe with 1.5 HP and Level III Armourclicked
Fish Monger
Level III Armour and ability to spawn silver fish
End Lord
Level III Armour and 3x time warp pearls
Spawns 4th chest so increases chances of full armour and 3x golden apples
Fishing rod with with Knockback I. Other chest in the centre will have up to Knockback III rods
Baseball Player
Sword with Knockback I
Baseball Player
Good for rushing middle
- Iron Helmet
- Iron Chestplate
- Sharpened Stone Sword-
- Golden Apple
- 16x Glass Blocks
Diamond Chestplate and Fire Resistance II Potions with flint and steel
Diamond Axe and ability to break chests to pick up loot quickly.
Diamond Chestplate and Iron Pants
Enchanting Table with 64x enchanting and 8x diamonds
Full leather armour with 40sec Frog Potion (Jump boost IV and Speed II). Good for rushing middle
64x Eggs, Golden Apple, Strong Leggings
Full Iron Armour and Sharpness II Golden Sword
Pig Rider (Normal Mode)
-Golden Helmet and Golden Boots, (Protection IV),
-Leather Chestplate and Leggings
-Beacon block
-42x Emerald blocks
-2x Gold blocks
-1x Diamond block
Sword with Knockback I
3x Speed II Potions (40 Secs each)

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